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11years as a Leather restorer, Founding partner of this DIY Restoration system. Black to white, or white to black, with just as successful results.

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Many people also don’t realise that their leather lounge, car seat or any leather item can be recoloured.

Recolour leather sofa. All In One is designed for colour restoration and colour change jobs. Use leather prep that you can get from a leather furniture dye distributor. All In One is suitable for leather and vinyl, It is not suitable for suede or nubuck type leathers.

It soaked straight it. Spray a small section of the leather couch, about the size of your hand, with a water bottle. Well, if it’s faded, stained, the colour is dated or you simply need a change, a Sofa Doctor recolour is almost like having new leather.

Why would you recolour your leather? A favorite leather sofa can cost thousands of dollars, and is not something to put out on the curb if it gets a bit damaged or worn over time. When you deal with Sofa Dr, you have piece of mind knowing you are dealing with a team of experts.

As you can imagine The Sofa Doctor truly is an essential service. Available in a wide range of styles and budgets, and easy to maintain, the brown leather sofa is one of the most popular pieces of living room furniture in Australia. A colour change can be made from any colour to another, i.e.

The Scratch Doctor ALL IN ONE Leather Colourant. I once owned a beautiful, soft leather lounge. Repair, restore and recolour your leather steering wheel, everything you need in one handy kit.

Leather Color Restoration Kits Designed to provide you with everything you need to totally, and permanently, restore your faded, lightly scratched or worn leather sofa, car seat or any other type of leather. 29 people found this helpful. Leatherwise is the Wairarapa specialist in leather furniture and upholstery care - cleaning, protecting, recolouring, refinishing, repairs, and restoration.

All In One is a polyurathene colourant with built in sealant, so no leather finish is required. A full leather and it wasn't cheap. Many factors go into the cost of leather sofa repair or.

Leather Hero Leather Color Restorer & Applicator- Repair, Recolor, Renew Leather & Vinyl Sofa, Purse, Shoes, Auto Car Seats, Couch-4oz(Dark Brown) 4.2 out of 5 stars 712 $14.95 $ 14 . How To Change The Colour Of A Leather Sofa We will be changing of a small seat from a light beige colour to maroon to demonstrate the correct procedure of changing the colour of leather. Apply the prep product to the abrasive side of a sponge and work it onto the leather sofa in circular motions.

Sofa Dr is made up with highly qualified Upholsterers, Leather Repair Technicians and Sofa Cleaners. With our professional leather sofa repair services, you’ll get new life for your old furniture and save a lot of time and hassle on the process. Give us a call today to see how much time and money you could save by recoloring your couch.

Prepare the leather for the dye. Worked wonders on my cream leather sofa, it covered stains and cat scratches without a problem and blends with the sofa perfectly. Even though there are a lot of DIY resources out there, you really have to think about the quality of work being done.

It dries to a satin finish. And yes- I used it on my own leather so that I didnt have to hire a van to drive it to our studio ;-) ( and I used it on the Audi with cream leather,no-longer quite cream I just bought!) Source(s): CouchGuard® Leather Repair Directions:.

Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit. Mist a sponge or paper towels and wipe down the leather, massaging the prep on to the surface but not spraying directly on the leather because you do not want to saturate it. 1 Place a drop sheet or old towel around the couch to be repaired to protect floor coverings.

Dye Stain Pigment Paint Colour (Dark Brown). (not supplied in the 50, 125 or 500ml kits) 2 Make sure leather is free from contaminants like body oils etc by using our Deep Leather Cleaner. Leather All In One Colourant.

Sofa / Love seat - 32oz; Getting the leather slightly wet will help it absorb the dye. It was an off-white colour and unfortunately, sun lotion oil from my legs stained the cushions of the lounge.

Start by spraying a small section of the leather, because you will dye it in small sections. 3 piece set - 64oz (1/2 gal) I couldn't remove the stain.

I am a specialist in furniture restoration of worn, tired, cracked and even torn leather upholstery and a qualified mobile upholsterer . To rectify this and to make your SCUFFmaster or Flexicote repair match the rest of the leather, you can adjust the finish in three ways. Our kit is the ideal solution for old and tired steering wheels in both modern and classic cars.

Leather Recolour will not change the colour of an item but restores the original colour and adds a flexible finish to the surface therefore keeping the original look of the leather This easy to use wipe on product is long lasting, cannot crack or peel and prolongs the life of your leather by reinforcing the coatings that have been applied Leather sofa and furniture repair is something that should be left to the professionals. Leather Sofa Colour Restoration & Upholstery.

(Sold Separately) 3 Spray the CouchGuard® Leather Prep onto the leather to be repaired and wipe. All leather will eventually get to the point where a new color finish will be required. From leather lounge suites and antique leather furniture to automotive leather in cars, boats, and

I took the cushion to the specialists who advised that it would be better to recolour the whole of. Clean the leather couch thoroughly with the leather preparation product. 3 Preserve a Bonded-Leather Sofa 4 Protection for Leather Sofas to Stop Stains When you get acetone on leather, however, it dissolves the natural oils and evaporates -- only traces remain to remove.

And just like builder-beige walls, many wonder how to style a living. Sofa we are always ready to assist you in obtaining the look you desire on a budget you can afford. It is also one that creates lots of dilemmas for its owners – they love its versatility, but wondering what to pair it with is a whole different ball game;

Prep removes the protective silicon top coat of the leather.

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